Events in 2013

Data Science and Information Industry Seminar Held at SJTU

On January 18 and 19, 2013, a Data Science and Information Industry Seminar was held at Zhiyuan College. The participants discussed scientific issues around Big Data research and the challenges faced in application domains. Twenty-five domestic and foreign experts from industry, and scholars in science fields, attended the seminar.

Ministry of Education Hosts “Pilot Program for Training Outstanding Students in the Basic Sciences”Seminar in Computer Science

On April 13, 2013, the “Pilot Program for Training Outstanding Students in the Basic Sciences” Seminar was hosted by the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, and held at SJTU. Professors and students from 10 top-level universities, such as SJTU, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nanjing University, and University of Science and Technology of China, were in attendance. Mr. Qizhi Yao, winner of a Turing Award, visited Zhiyuan College and set up demonstration courses.

Professor David Cai Honored

On April 13, 2013, at the 117th Anniversary Celebration of SJTU, Professor David Cai, Deputy Director of the Teaching Guidance Committee at Zhiyuan College, was honored with SJTU’s “President’s Award”.

Zhiyuan Publishes First Textbook

Based on the lecture notes of Turing Award winner, Professor John Hopcroft, the first textbook from Zhiyuan College,“Computer Science Theory for the Information Age”, was published in May 2013. President Jie Zhang wrote the Foreword for the Zhiyuan Textbook Series: “Realize the Dreams of the Talented.”

Zhiyuan Phase II Graduation 2013

Graduation from Zhiyuan College was held on June 30, 2013. A remarkable 98% of the graduates chose to further their studies.

Zhiyuan Students Win Championship at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Finals

The 37th ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals was held June 30 to July 4, 2013, in Russia. Shanghai Jiao Tong University was the international runner-up, but the champions for Asia. The contestants were undergraduates Jingbo Shang(Junior), Bin Jin Senior), and Xiaoxu Guo(Sophomore) from the Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering College, and the Computer Science major at Zhiyuan College.

Joint Ph.D. Training Program Built by Microsoft and Zhiyuan College

In March of 2012 Zhiyuan College signed on to a Microsoft-Shanghai Jiao Tong University plan for a joint program that would make it possible for a Ph.D. student to spend a year of his/her graduate program at a world-class overseas university. After that year, the student would return to complete graduate studies at SJTU. Microsoft Research Asia would fund the student. In May 2013, The first joint Ph.D.student, Xuezhi Cao, completed a year of courses in Computer Science at Cornell University and returned to SJTU to continue his Ph.D. program.

Opening Ceremony for New Students (2013)

The opening ceremony for 103 new students to Zhiyuan College was held on September 7, 2013. In attendance to witness this important moment for the new students were President Jie Zhang, Deputy President Xuemin Xu, parents, present Zhiyuan students, project directors, faculty representatives and other relevant leaders from the college.

Professor John Hopcroft, Turing Award Winner, Teaches Twice at SJTU This Year

In June and in December,2013, Turing Award winner and Member of the American Academy of Sciences and American Academy of Engineering, Cornell Professor John Hopcroft came to SJTU for a month each time to teach a course to students majoring in computer science. The four week courses were “Computer Science Theory for the Information Age(Freshmen) and “Automata Theory”(Sophomores).

Chemistry Discipline Realized in 2013

The Chemistry discipline was launched in the 2013 autumn semester. This addition realizes the full coverage of the five disciplines proposed by the “Pilot Program for Training Outstanding Students in the Basic Sciences”of the Ministry of Education. Professor Huai Sun from the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering College has been appointed as Project Director. Twenty students majoring in Chemistry have been admitted.

Graduation Status of Zhiyuan Phase II Graduates

In 2013 a total of 56 students graduated, 28 with majors in mathematics and physics and 28 in computer science. Among the graduates, 54 chose to continue their studies, 24 in Ph.D. programs in China, and 30 in graduate programs overseas at world-class institutions like Stanford, Cornell and Oxford.

Events in 2012

Workshop on Natural Sciences

The Seventh SJTU Workshop on Natural Sciences: Frontier Problems in Modern Statistics was held in Zhiyuan College on January 5-6. Thirteen famous statisticians at home and abroad presented wonderful academic reports on high-dimensional statistical inference, one of the hottest research directions in current statistics.

Activities in the Graduation Season

Since April, our College had launched a series of activities during graduation season, including the operation of Gateways for Alumni, issues of articles like Coming of Age and Perception of Graduates, trees-planting and graduation photos-taking.

From May 3 to July 2, recommended students were admitted into Zhiyuan College for pre-study. The College introduced its majors, courses and selection approaches, etc to new students and their parents. New students took SJTU high-quality curriculum and sensed the college culture of diligence in study and thought.

A.M. Turing Award Winner Gave Courses to Zhiyuan College Once Again

From May 21 to June 13, A.M. Turing Award Winner John Hopcroft, Professor of Computer Science Department at Cornell University paid a visit once again to Zhiyuan College and gave courses on Mathematics in Computer Science II. It was attended by nearly 90 students.

Thesis Defense of Grade 2008 Students

On June 7, Zhiyuan College conducted the thesis defense of Grade 2008 students. 15 of the students defended their thesis in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and other 14 students in Applied Physics. Made into posters, the abstracts of all the students were put up on the passageway and uniformly stored.

The First Graduation and Commencement Ceremony

The first graduation and commencement ceremony was held on June 10. Nearly 400 people were present at the ceremony, including faculty representatives, chairpersons, all graduates and some of their parents. All the 29 graduates decided to continue their studies.

Chair Professors in Computer Science

On the morning of June 10, the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of Shanghai Jiao Tong University ACM Class was held in Chen Ruiqiu Building, Minhang Campus. A panel of chair professors in computer science of Zhiyuan College was established at the ceremony. It was attended by 500, including teachers, students and alumni representatives.

The Work Conference on Talent Cultivation of Zhiyuan College

On the afternoon of June 29, Zhiyuan College held a work conference on talent cultivation of 2012, which aimed at improving the rolling selection system and qualification tests, students’ assessment and credit recovery, and the faculty hiring for foundation courses.

The First Enrollment of Zhiyuan College in 2012

On June 30, Zhiyuan College conducted its first interviews for recommended students and preliminarily enrolled students. 167 students from all over the country attended the interview and 71 students were officially enrolled in Zhiyuan College as its first batch of freshmen.

The First Outstanding Students Scholarship Awarded

In the middle of July, Zhiyuan College officially announced the name list of students awarded the first Zhiyuan Outstanding Students Scholarship. Tan Andi, Dong Xiaoyang and Tai Cheng in mathematical sciences in Grade 2008 received this honor.

The Second Enrollment of Zhiyuan College in 2012

On September 7, Zhiyuan College completed its second enrollment for all the freshmen of SJTU and added a written exam which focused on students’ mathematics and physics levels. 39 students were enrolled in Zhiyuan College as its second batch of freshmen.

SJTU Opening Ceremony for Grade 2012 Freshmen

On September 8, Grade 2012 freshmen and their parents attended the opening ceremony. Zhangjie, President of SJTU and Dean of Zhiyuan College gave a keynote speech to encourage freshmen to aim high and pursue their dreams.

ZY-INS Colloquia

Since September 19, a series of activities called ZY-INS Colloquia had been jointly organized by Zhiyuan College and Institute of Natural Sciences. The Colloquia once in a week provided a platform of exchanges for teachers and students from both sides to communicate in an easy and cozy way.

The Establishment of General Party Branch Committee of Zhiyuan College

On November 26, Zhiyuan College officially established its General Party Branch Committee and selected Hong Mei as its secretary.

Workshop Given by A.M. Turing Winner

From December 24 to January 18, A.M.Turing Award Winner John Hopcroft, Professor at Cornell University gave courses on Computer Science Studies aimed at helping students find their research directions of interest. 50 students were selected by their resumes for taking this course.