On April 11, 2020, Zhiyuan held ‘Cloud School-returning’ event following the commemoration of 124th anniversary of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Over 200 Zhiyuan alumnis and students, and the heads, program directors, staff of Zhiyuan College attended the event. Alumni, student and faculty representatives gathered online, shared their experiences and feelings, together with their future plans, and the event was presided over by Professor Weiliang Xia, Associate Dean of Zhiyuan College.

Professor Junliang Zhang, the Executive Deputy Dean of Zhiyuan College started the event by delivering a speech on the comprehensive introduction of development of the college to the audiences, including top-notch talent training measures and achievements, constructive planning of Zhiyuan College, online teaching arrangements and preparations for the 10th anniversary of Zhiyuan College. Professor Zhang mentioned that Zhiyuan has explored and formed a ‘mission & curiosity driven’ training mode for the top-notch students, and that the rate for Zhiyuan graduates to pursue Ph.D degree is noticeably higher than that of the other schools within SJTU. Some of the Zhiyuan alumni are performing well at research and teaching related positions at internationally well-renowned universities after completing their doctoral degrees.

The speech was followed by the talks of three alumni representatives: Diyi Yang, Jiefu Li, and Zizhao Wnag, and one enrolled Zhiyuan student representative Zhen Zhang. Among the three alumni representatives, one is working as Assistant Professor at George Tech and graduated from CMU, the other two are conducting Ph.D programs at Stanford and Harvard, they have shared their study and research experiences with the audiences, and stated that they had greatly benefited from the research-oriented learning environment and first-class study resources provided by Zhiyuan College and also encouraged the currently enrolled Zhiyuan students to treasure the precious resources and be persistent about their research dreams by introducing their own methods of making progresses and overcoming difficulties when studying at Zhiyuan. In the end, they had showed their appreciation towards the devoted cultivation of Zhiyuan College and sent their best wishes for the speedy development of SJTU and Zhiyuan.

Program directors, such as Professor Hang Zheng, Yong Yu, Huai Sun, Feng Chen have extended warm welcome to the students who attended the event and encouraged Zhiyuan’s students to keep a peaceful attitude during the epidemic period, and focus on their studies; promoted the students to devote themselves to the world, and to contribute to the development of our motherland and even the whole human race; encouraged the students to overcome the difficulties on the basis of protecting themselves and their family members, and focus on both professional training as well as personal humanistic knowledge; reminded the students to stay calm and absorb knowledge from various fields to enhance their comprehensive learning and research abilities and multicultural understandings.

Other representatives of the heads of Zhiyuan College also expressed their warm greetings and best wishes for the students. Professor Mei Hong, Secretary of General Party Branch Committee, summarized the event by reviewing the painful and pleasant growing processes of Zhiyuan College, she praised the outstanding achievements of the Zhiyuan graduates and encouraged the currently enrolled Zhiyuan students to strive to realize their goals with continuous persistence and diligence. Also, Professor Hong asked the students to devote themselves into learning and contributing to our nation and people, and invited the alumnis to attend the 10th anniversary of Zhiyuan College this October. She hopes that all Zhiyuan members could gather together in the grand ceremony in the golden autumn season and quoted a poem saying, “you are the love and hope, you are the April day of the world!” She ended the speech by wishing the prosperous developments of Zhiyuan College, and wishing good health, safety and happiness for all the members from Zhiyuan family.

The event was ended in the cheers, laughters, and best wishes of Zhiyuan students, alumnis, faculty and staff members.