Between September 23rd and 27th, a delegation led by Xia Weiliang, Associate Dean of Zhiyuan College visited the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and RIkagaku KENkyusho/Institute of Physical and Chemical Research(Kobe) respectively. Program director representatives including Zheng Hang , Chen Feng and Guo Xiaokui also joined the delegation. The visit aims to further bilateral communication and exchanges, and to deepen the understanding towards the top-notch talent cultivation models of Japanese universities.

On September 17th, delegates of Zhiyuan College met with Dean Tatsuya Okubo of the Faculty of Engineering and Professor Shigeo Maruyama at the University of Tokyo. The delegation had an in-depth discussion and reached a consensus with the hosts on initiating a summer program between the University of Tokyo and Zhiyuan College. After the meeting, the professors met with Zhiyuan alumni who are studying at the University of Tokyo.

At Kyoto University, the Zhiyuan delegation visited Professor Motonari Uesugi, who is the head of Institute for Chemical Research. Uesugi agrees to provide internships to Zhiyuan College students since summer 2020, which will initiate the official cooperation between Kyoto University and Zhiyuan College.

At the Center for Biological Systems Dynamics (a bioregional research unit of Riken in Kobe), the two sides promoted the winter camp program for Zhiyuan students.

On the basis of the above consensus gained in the trip to Japan, the office of Cooperation & Exchange of the Zhiyuan College will keep cooperating with the Japanese universities above, so as to create more academic opportunities for Zhiyuan undergraduates.