Fan Weiyan, School of Art of Soochow university


2019.06.05 15:00


Lecture Hall 206, 2th Floor of Building 6 of Science Laboratory Buildings


The lecturer will introduce his new project, “See Mountains”, which was set up in 2018 after 10 years’ arduous design practices in the field of traditional handicrafts. Except for the Kesi technique, different handicrafts have been integrated, such as the Ming style furniture, jade carving, lacquer, embroidery and so on. He trys to convey an inner state of ease, warmth and elegance through a new calm and delicate lifestyle with different materials, including mulberry silk, cashmere, hardwood, jade, Chinese lacquer and mottled bamboo.


Fan Weiyan is a contemporary designer with a deep oriental cultural background. He dedicated himself to the development of an UNESCO world intangible cultural heritage, via an innovative design and technical upgrade.
After obtaining the education in France, Mr. FAN Weiyan, once worked in Hermès (the Paris headquarter) and was greatly inspired by Hermès’s respects toward handicraft and their insistence on the outstanding quality.
His works clearly respond to the needs of contemporary feelings and aesthetics for the traditional Chinese craftsmanship. The project indicates the charms as well as the meaningful aspects of the intangible cultural heritage of agrarian civilization in modern life. It is essential for us to keep open minds when inheriting and developing this traditional handicraft and we hope more people could get access traditional Chinese handicrafts through following our constant practice in this field.