Zhuoyue Zhao, a Zhiyuan CS graduate and Ph.D candidate at University of Utah, has been awarded with Google PHD Fellowship with a focus on Structured Data and Database Management.

Established in 2009, the Google PHD Fellowship has selected more than 300 outstanding PhD students from Australia, China, East Asia, India, North America, Europe and the Middle East. The fellowship is designed to award PHD students who excel in CS and other frontier research disciplines, and to fund their research in science and technology through scholarships. Google PHD Fellowship, mainly involving areas such as human-computer interaction, machine learning, privacy and security, programming technology and software engineering, quantum computing etc.. Among them, the competition in the field of Structured Data and Database Management is particularly fierce, and only one person won this award in 2018 worldwide.

During his study at Zhiyuan College, Zhao Yue published research paper with his mentor Professor Feifei Li (Vice Presidnet of Alibaba, ACM Distinguished Scientist) on SIGMOD, a top-level database conference, and won the Best Paper Award. After graduation from Zhiyuan College in 2016, Zhao Yueyue chose to join Feifei’s research group at University of Utah to pursue his doctorate degree and continue his research in the field of database. At present, Zhuoyue’s main research topics include multi-table join query and random sampling on stream processing system, database transaction processing, query optimization etc..

Notification Links:https://ai.google/research/outreach/phd-fellowship/ http://www.cs.utah.edu/recipients-of-the-2019-phd-google-fellowship/